Day 1 - Player Reaction

After their win over Norway in the evening, Aileen Neilson, Scotland Skip, said:

“It’s nice to get a good first win, on day one. It gives us a lot of confidence going into tomorrow - we will come out and hopefully start off how we finished this evening against Norway.

“Our coach was keen to get everyone on the ice on the first day. Jim played really well, it’s his first time at the World’s so he’s pleased to come off the ice with a win.

“Today we’ve learned a lot about the whole experience – the arena, the ice, getting a feel for the competition and settling down. They don’t give out the medals until the end of the week so it’s important we build on what we’ve done today. One on one’s we’re pretty good so we just need to make sure we build on that.

“We knew if we dug deep and sometimes when we’re down we do that, we never give up. In curling it’s not over until the last stone is thrown. We made Rune play a tough shot for his last stone, and he often makes them, but in our favour he didn’t which gives us great confidence for tomorrow.”

Canada Coach, Joe Rea, said:

“We were ok this morning - we played well against Italy and it was the first time we’ve put the group together like that so it’s a bit new for everybody. We’re still experimenting a little but we’re pretty happy with that result.

“The game this afternoon was a little different – we let a couple of shots get away from us and it’s probably not one to throw down in the record books as one of our best. But we’re positive about what went on and we’re going to go and work on a few things and we’ll come tomorrow and see what happens.

“I think they’re pretty resilient players - they've been around long enough. Every once in a while you have one of these games but I think we’ll be ok tomorrow. "Every once in a while curling’s like that, you miss a couple of shots and end up having to push the other team and things get away from you. But we’ll go home and have a good sleep and see what tomorrow brings. “

Commenting on this morning's game, Aileen Neilson, Scotland, said:

“We went into the game pretty positive, pretty confident. We’ve been training hard, we had a good practice yesterday – the arena’s really good, the ice is great and we thought it was going to be in our favour. But we need to give the Chinese their due – they played well, didn’t miss too much. We managed to steal in the first end so managed to set it up well. My last stone came in too deep, he still had to play the shot but made it to win.

“We need to up our execution. We had some shot s in there, if we had hit the stones out or drawn then it would have been a different story. We need to up our games to make us feel more comfortable but the Chinese played well.

“Dynamics have been great. We train together a lot and know each other really well, we know when to boost each other and when someone needs support so we will pull together and we’re already looking forward to the rest of the tournament.”

Anton Batugin, one of the Russian coaches, commenting on his team's performance this morning:

“It was the first game, I think all teams were a bit nervous, including us. In the sixth end we were lucky, we had chance to take five and it was the most important end in the game. We were just more lucky than the Swedish team that is all.

“Winning our first game is very important because our team is now more relaxed going in their next game.

“Our Government ordered us to win a medal but I think it will be very hard for us to do. But we will try our hardest, but in my opinion, somewhere in the middle will be ok.”

Patrick McDonald, USA Skip, on this morning's victory over Korea:

“I thought we played fantastic. Having two new people, in 2009 I was the fifth and only shot a couple of stones, and at the Paralympics I got to play third, I took last year off because of a shoulder injury, so it almost feels like I was new to the team as well. But I thought we played really well, we had a little hiccup in the seventh but we maintained control. It got a little scary towards the end but it opened up a little and we got the win.

“I was a little bit nervous, to be honest a little bit more than nervous before we got here. But when we arrived and I realised that a lot of the teams were the same as when I last played in this championship in 2009 I began to feel a little better. I was like ok, I can play with these guys, I can do this.

“The chemistry in the team is fantastic. On and off-ice we always seem to have a smile on our faces, which helps a lot out when we’re there competing.

“From what I understood, three of the Korean team were new as well, so there were some new guys out there playing at this level for the first time. They were playing really well, but we managed to sneak a couple in, make some steals, but overall I thought they shot really well. I was feeling comfortable at the start of seven but then they shot four and I got a little nervous. But then I was like ‘It’s not a big deal if we keep shooting the way we’ve been shooting and we will get the win’.

“If we keep playing the way we’ve been playing we should have a shot at being towards the top, I’m not worried yet. We will be ok if we keep the momentum going and are already looking forward to the next game.”

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