Day 2 - Player Reaction

After beating Slovakia, USA Skip, Patrick McDonald, said:

“I’m surprised at how the game turned out, I thought the game was going to be a lot closer. I’m a firm believer of ‘believe’ and just maintain form end by end and worry about each game as it comes. We had three great wins and we were playing as strong as they were -we gave it our best shot and we came out on top.

“Our aims have not changed. We’re going to take it one game at a time. If we keep playing the way we’re playing – the front end is really strong right now, I feel that anything can happen and I’m hoping for the best. I’m sure we will do fine for the rest of the week and who knows, on the last day hopefully we’re still playing.

“It gives us a lot of confidence going into the next game but we don’t want to take anything lightly. That’s where teams in any sport falter – they get on a roll and teams, not necessarily this weekend, who don’t have as impressive a record have nothing to lose, so they come out and play and if you take them lightly then anything can happen.”

Following Russian's win over Norway, Andrey Smirnov, Russian Skip, said:

“First of all, the substitution that the coaches made after the fourth end played a very important role in our comeback. The second point, we knew that they we could still win the game even though our opponents were ahead, so we gathered and showed all we could to win, but it was a surprise for us also.

“This comeback gives us great confidence going into the next game. It shows us that you have to be versatile in every game and play well from the first stone to the last.”

Sonja Gaudet (lead for Team Canada who skipped Monday afternoon’s game against Scotland), said:

“It does feel good to get a win, definitely. We just wanted to change things up a bit and we haven’t played together before and we just wanted to see what this four would look like together.

"I’ve skipped in my league play at home with my women’s leagues. But I was certainly nervous out there. It was an opportunity I was looking at doing a few years down the road, but it came up now, and that’s ok."

After beating Russia, Aileen Neilson, Scotland Skip, said:

“That was a very defensive game. We knew the Russian’s like to have stones out at the front and tap them in so we just made sure that we didn’t let them do that. We went in with a game plan and stuck to it and it paid off in the end.

“I think yesterday being the first day, we were just getting the feeling for the place, the feeling for the ice and I think we’ve done that today. We’ve read the ice well, played much better today, so hopefully that will continue.

“We had a game plan going into today’s game. We’ve played the Russian’s a lot in the past, certainly over the last few months, so we used that to our advantage and that paid off.

“The two wins certainly give us confidence and will help us going into our next games. We’ll start afresh, keep on playing the way we’ve been playing this morning and hopefully it will go well for us.”

After beating Norway, Jalle Jungnell, Sweden Skip, said:

“It’s nice to win and still be in the tournament. A loss now would have meant a long uphill struggle. Now we’re in the tournament I think.

“Against the Russian’s we played a good four or five ends then we had a really bad one and lost five and of course the game was over. Against the USA as well it was a close game also, both teams played really well and we were just unlucky. We’re not too disappointed with our performance, but obviously you have to be about 5-10% better to win the games instead of losing, so it’s going to be tight.

“I think it’s an open tournament, any team can beat any team, no team is unbeatable, maybe Slovakia. I don’t think any team will go unbeaten.

“With the team now, with Anette, we have been on the podium many events before. We’re aiming for a medal here and one that we’ve not had before, but we know it will be difficult. If we didn’t think we had a chance then we wouldn’t have put in all of the effort.”

After beating Korea, Chinese Skip, Haitao Wang, said:

“The first two ends I was very nervous. I made many mistakes. But by the eighth end [when they tied the score at 3-3 and forced an extra end] we knew we still had a chance to win and could not make any mistakes.

"For my last stone, I couldn’t think about the result we needed, I just had to think about that one stone and make the shot and do it well.”

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