Day 4 - Player Reaction


Following their win over Canada, Jalle Jungnall, Sweden Skip, said:

“We felt pretty good from the start of the game - we felt relaxed. We’ve been struggling so much this week so we said yesterday we would try and have fun and don’t even focus on the other team. We try to focus on our stones and we got in control of the game pretty early so it felt quite relaxed this morning.

“We try not to think about qualification [for next year's World Championship] too much because then you start to get shaky. We know there’s a lot of teams down in the qualification group - it’s really really tough to get back up, perhaps 50/50 or even less but it’s really difficult.

“I feel really sorry for the Canadian’s. I thought their front end, with the girls, they played so well at the Paralympics. They have played a big part in Canada’s success, even in Prague last year. I was hoping they would do really well without Jim, to prove they can play. But I think it’s too late to switch skip, just a couple of days before the start of an event - the team will get nervous - it’s tough for them.”


After beating Norway, Russian Skip, Andrey Smirnov, said:

“At the start of the game we were really nervous, but when we stole five points without the hammer in the fifth and sixth ends we became calm, relaxed and it was ok from there on.

“The most important point is to concentrate on your own team, focus on your own game and win yourself. If my team play well then I think we can beat anyone. We’re not thinking about the play-offs yet, we just think about the next game, one game at a time.”


After their victory over Sweden, Korea Skip, Hak Sung Kim, said:

“This game was extremely tough because there has been some changes in ice conditions and players have had to get used to it again. That is maybe why so many points were scored in this game.

“Today we were really confused because of the ice conditions, so we are going to practice really hard and try to win our game tomorrow as we would like to win before going into the play-offs. Our ultimate goal is first place, a gold medal, but our objective just now is reaching the play-offs.”


After defeating Norway Patrick McDonald, USA Skip, said:

“With a new team, with lack of experience at this level, as they’ve been playing for years in their clubs – since I wasn’t here last year because of my shoulder I just wanted to improve on the 2-7 record – our main goal was to work towards next year’s worlds and keeping working towards the Paralympics.”

“I think the secret to success has been just hard work, the new guys are hungry – Jam’s [Jimmy Joseph] been here since 2000 – but the good thing he’s still hungry too and we get along off the ice, one the ice – we’re communicating, we’re also having a good time, we crack a smile. Like today, we were down 3 after 2 and we actually cracked a smile between ends 2 and 3 and I said ‘let’s try to turn it around’.”

“I played third at the Paralympics two years ago – so I’ve been able to see and interact with most of the teams. But some are new, Slovakia is new and they seem to be pretty strong. I’ve never played Russia up until this week. But we’ve been fighting our way though!”

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