Day 5 - Player Reaction


After their loss to Slovakia, Steve Brown, USA Coach, said:

“I couldn’t be more proud of them. Here’s a team that was so inexperienced and had really hardly ever played together. Their team dynamics has been fantastic. Their effort throughout the year, their practise and preparation just exceeded all their expectations.

"Obviously, it’s going to be extremely frustrating at this point to have played so well and then lose. All four games they lost, every single game was lost on the last shot and so it is just really tough for them.”

“The thing that I feel so good about is that with their shot making and execution, this is a team that is just going to continue and improve because they are so inexperienced.

"They can learn from this experience. Some of the teams in the past, I thought maybe they had levelled out and weren’t going to go forward. But this team here, you can see what they’ve learned and how far they’ve come. The experience of not knowing the right shot, at the right time, occasionally just puts us a little bit behind. But to be that close, with that experience level, bodes well for their future.”


After defeating USA, Slovakia Coach, Frantisek Pitonak, said:

“I can’t describe how I feel, I am so proud of my team. We came here to show everyone what we can do, what we know about curling and how we can play. We hope that we’ve done that and we’re just so happy we have reached this stage of the competition.

“Last night we all had dinner together and tried to forget all about curling, laughing and joking. This helped us relax and I think that worked in our favour today.”


After their win against Norway, Haitao Wang, China Skip, said:

“We just played our normal game and took the chance to capitalise on our opponents mistakes. For the next games, we will start from zero and try to deliver every stone well.”


After their victory over Italy, Russian Skip, Andrey Smirnov, said:

“We were in a good mood this morning and we just played as we have been coached, nothing more, which is why I think we won.

“Our first goal was to be in the play-offs and we have achieved this. Now we will try to improve our performance in order to win. We want medals and of course if the medal is silver or gold it will be even better.”


Joe Rea, Coach Team Canada, reviewing the team’s performance this week, said:

“It’s been a week of adversity. It’s a huge change from where they play normally. It’s been a struggle. They know the strategy and the shots and the importance of all of them.

"They gave me their all this week. It’s just a big change. But they really deserved to have a decent outing and I was really happy for them to come back.

"Darryl had a good game too. He struggled at the beginning of the week a bit. We’ve been moving the team around as we were trying to find the right combination.

"They are a resilient group. I am really proud of them. There isn’t a coach around that wouldn’t want these guys on their team. They just do anything you ask them to do and they try their best and give you 100% every day and that’s all you can really ask for.”


After defeating Slovakia, Korea Skip, Hak Sung Kim, said:

“It was a ‘must win’ game for us so it’s a great pleasure to get the win. Now we have entered the four team play-offs we are looking forward to our next game.

“We got some confidence from the high score this morning. It helped us relax during the game and I hope this continues into our next.

“Because it is a mental game, smiling is very supportive when playing the game, so when the skip has a smiley face it lets his team relax and gives them confidence.

“I thought it would be a one point game today. Slovakia planned for it to be a big game but they missed many shots which let us win I think.”

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