Day 7 - Player Reaction


After their win against Korea in the final, Russian Skip, Andrey Smirnov, said:

“We feel very good, excellent actually to have this win, we can’t wait to get back to Moscow and the celebrations that we will have there!

“The Koreans gave us a hard game. It was not as simple as the score looks. But we are very happy to win the gold medal.”


After losing to Russia, Korean Skip, Hak Sung Kim, said:

“Today’s game didn’t work out as well as we thought. My team were all a little tight, they couldn’t loosen up. Nervousness made our shots go wrong and we didn’t make the shots we thought we would make, and we really struggled.

“We need to try and read the ice a little better, that was critical in this tournament. Second of all, our players need to learn how to enjoy themselves more. If you concentrate too much on winning, then your body tightens up so we need to learn how to relax. As a skip, I want to try and make an environment where the players can relax a little more. Of course we will train hard but we need to learn how to relax so that we play better.

“Korean Wheelchair curling is going through a bit of transitional period just now, between the last Paralympics, to the upcoming Olympics. Right now we got second place but in two years, in Sochi, we will aim to go for gold. This is kind of a landmark for us just now so we know we know where we are with our performance and where we need to improve.”


After losing to China, Slovakia Coach, Frantisek Pitonak, said:

“We think we played quite well in seven of the ends, but in one end, when we lost three points, this end ultimately led to the final outcome.

“First of all, qualification for next year’s event was our main objective. Our biggest dream was to stay in the World Championships, which meant finishing in eighth place or above. But then our focus when were playing better and better was to continue improving.

“One year ago it was like science fiction to think we would be here and get fourth place. But in this last year, not only the players, but the coaches wanted to do their best and be the best. We have tried our hardest do to this not only for ourselves but for our fans and family back in Slovakia.

“I am so proud of the team. Now the players are a little bit sad because we lost the game and there was a chance to get third place. But perhaps in a week or so when we will be at home and to see our results, and the fact that we did so well at the World Championships, although it is a big surprise, we will be very, very happy.”


After defeating Slovakia in the Bronze medal game, Haitao Wang, Skip of Team China, said:

“The game is over at last! Now we can relax but we are very excited to have won. We feel great but our goal is a gold medal in the future. This afternoon we will go and have a drink to celebrate! Tomorrow, when we get home there will be a big celebration.”

Home town for the team is in and around Harbin in China. At present they are the only Wheelchair curling team in the country: “We hope that our win will help to grow our sport in China. There are many people who watch and follow curling now in China.”

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