Welcome from KWCA President

Joo Young Park, President of the Korean Wheelchair Curling Association

February 19, 2012

Welcome. First, I would like to recognise and thank Kate Caithness, the President of World Curling Federation, as well as the board members for their wholehearted support. I would also like to thank:

  • Moon Soon Choi, Governor of Gangwon Province
  • Seok Yong Yoon, President of the Korean Athletic Association for the Disabled
  • as well as Gwang Joon Lee, Mayor of Chuncheon city
  • Finally, the communities of Gangwon-do and Chuncheon for their avid interest and hospitality
  • Without all of you this special event would not be taking place. Now, let me tell you why this event is so special.

    In 2002, the first World Wheelchair Curling Championship took place. In 2012, merely ten years later, we are gathered here to set yet another milestone in the history of Curling.

    World Wheelchair Curling Championships have never taken place in Asia, until today, right here, right now. World Wheelchair Curling Championship 2012 will be remembered as the first Championship to be held in Asia.

    I know that each and every one of you has made it here through hard work, persistence, and diligence; and though we come from various paths of life, we have come together with common goals and in supporting each other.

    As President and on behalf of Korean Wheelchair Curling Association, it is truly an honor to welcome all of you to the World Wheelchair Curling Championship 2012!

    Thank you.

    Joo Young Park
    President of the Korean Wheelchair Curling Association

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